The purity of the innocent child is symbolized by the pure white pearl necklace. “This child is a jewel”. The world around us, symbolized by the newspaper clippings, brings impurities and overstimulation and too many emotions… The innocent child turns her back to all this in order to safeguard herself.

100 x 150 cm
Ann Verdonck

Ann Verdonck


Karin Keutgens
Flore Tanghe
Filip Callewaert
mark Goffin
Greet Vandepitte
sophie watelle
Anne van der mynsbrugge
Koen De Roeck
Anneleen E.M.M. Pruvoost
Marleen Brasseur
Hilde Schelstraete
mark Goffin
Andrée Clément
Gloria Romberg
Eliane Kunnen