Mila's Puppy & Puppy Blue

Mila's Puppy & Puppy Blue

Hand painted puppy in soft pastel summer colours. This little buddy is made as a present to celebrate a new born girl, Mila. Together with a small birthday-painting made in the same colours as this little buddy. 

Acrylics on polyester - 25 (H) x 22 (W) x 25 (L)
Elena Gontcharova

Elena Gontcharova


Gratien Hebben
LG-Geert Lesage
Sebastiaan Pandelaers
griet vangampelaere
Koen Vlerick
Kathleen Ramboer
Marjan Reynaert
dirk demuynck
andreas valkenborgh
axel fabry
Carlos Vande Neste
wery pollier
Tinne Rens
Els "Impuels" Heirbrant
Krist Van de Casteele