Edith Meijering

Edith Meijering

EDITH MEIJERING Painter, Watercolourist                     

Edith Meijering (1962 ,NL ) studied at the ARTEZ Fine Arts Academy in Kampen

(1987). Her work was part of several expositions such as Het Gemeentemuseum (The Hague, NL), Gallery 6 Mandel (Paris, France), Karin Janssen Project Space (London, UK),PAK (Gistel, Belgium) and Storpunkt Gallery (München, Germany). Recently, her work has been been on show in Hardanger Art Gallery in Utne, Norway, as a result of an AIRproject. Planned for 2020 are e Artist talk and exhibitions in Londen ( GB)  and Rotterdam (NL) and a artist residence in Ireland.

What does the sea do to a human being?

Edith wants to stay and work near the sea. For several years now, she goes to places where she can enjoy new horizons and shorelines. She is traveling light with only some watercolour paint, paper and brushes for company. Her habitat consists of just that particular spot, where the ocean touches the land. Being surrounded by silence and nature, Edith is able to concentrate more on her inner world. Consciously or unconsciously, people all seek the comfort the sea can give. The infinity of the sea encourages reflection on quite often, the ultimate fear of death. It quite often has a healing effect and sheds light on one’s inner self and finding the true spirit of life.

Edith has a painting style that surprises her by the unexpected effects while painting. Merging colours, wet in wet, she never can predict the outcome. Trusting her experience and instinct, she is capable of steering the unrestrained well enough with her concentration. No matter what technique or discipline Edith Meijering uses, she transforms all into a painting. Painting and drawing go together in her case. She opens up to a necessary and deep-felt invitation of associative writing with brush and pencil. As shown in the short documentary about her craftsmanship (see website), people notice Edith’s evident accuracy and concentration while setting up her work. It all looks easy, determined and natural, but needless to say, Edith can only achieve this graceful competence through years of hard labour. Trying, failing and starting back up again.

Yet, Edith has never considered for a second to do something else. Painting and drawing point her in the right direction of becoming her true self: her reason of existence. She can only draw inspiration from within and rely on her self to understand the world around her. Her fascination of this process and conceding to it, sometimes renders her up close and personal, always intrigued. Her paintings express a sincere compassion for all things human: lust and suffering, innocence and vice, surrender and control, masculinity and fragility. In her work, the perpetual human dialectics is present and obvious, confronting us with the omnipresent and ancient battle of life, death, beauty and transience. 

Edith Meijering  Deventer, Netherlands 10 september 1962 

Education           1993, Pedagogisch Didactic Traning , Arnhem
                             1987, School of Art and Design, Kampen The Netherlands

Solo exhibitions
2018 QueerArt Festival, Kunstmagazijn, Nijmegen
2018 De aard van het beestje, Zinder , Tiel 
2018 SHE Filmpresentatie Jeff V.D, AIR Noorwegen  Dat Bolwerck , Zutphen.
2015 Secrets part of Edith Meijering, Voerman Museum , Hattem
2014 The other site of light, Art in Red-light Beurs von Berlage , Amsterdam
2014 Art Zaanstad 2014, Artfair Heembrug , Zaandam
2013 Roleplay, RE Artfairs , Rotterdam
2011 Liquid , Concordia, Enschede
2011 Together Solo, Acec Building , Apeldoorn
2010 Another Face, City Museum , Kampen
2010 Love is a battlefield, Gallery Librarie , Vorden
2010 Talent Well-know, Gallery Bozana Milic, Zutphen
2009 Vanishing points, The Vault , Arnhem
2008 Hidden treasures, Art Center , Nijmegen
2007 Art Chimey, Art Center, Nijmegen
2005 Edith Meijering, Jail Art Center, Doetichem
2005 Paintings, Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, Arnhem
2004 Alone is not everything, Art & Choc Gallery , Apeldoorn
2001 What you see is what you get, Gallery Hoogenboch, Gorredijk
2001 Bunny project, County Hall , Arnhem
1999 Works on paper, ( CJK ) Initiative for young Art , Gent (B)
1998 Inside- Insight, County Hall, Oosterbeek
1997 A feast for the senses, Art Center , Arnhem
1996 Paintings and drawing, Art Center , Apeldoorn
1990 Selfportraits Edith Meijering, City Hall , Arnhem

Group exhibitions

2020 Souveniers Galerie A.I.R Viervaart Van Iris Cornelis Zeeuws Vlaanderen.

2020 Artweek Rotterdam Open studio Borgert Complex Rotterdam                                       2020 One Project, London                                                                                      2019 Velvet Ropes,  House of Vans,  London
2019 Velvet Ropes, Nevven Gallery in Gotenberg, Sweden
2019 Velvet Ropes, Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm, Sweden 
2019 Velvet Ropes, Soulland Store in Copenhagen, Denmark
2019 Velvet Ropes, Galleri Golsa, Oslo, Norway
2019 Velvet Ropes, Pt. 2 in Oakland, CA 
2019 Velvet ropes, First Amendment , San Francisco, CA
2019 Europa Biennale, Museum Fundatie Zwolle
2019 Velvet ropes, Martha’s Contemporary , Austin, TX
2019 Velvet Ropes ,Shrine Gallery in New York, NY 
2019 Velvet ropes, LA at 0-0 LA
2019 Zomerexpo 2019, Amsterdam                                                                       2019 The Wall Gallery Rotterdam
2019 Velvet Ropes,  Jay jay House, Antwerpen
2019 One for all, The Wall Gallery, Rotterdam
2018 Excellences, Musea Zutphen 
2018 Queer Art Festival, with M. van der Meulen Kunstmagazijn , Nijmegen
2018 The Man, Curator Rob Smolders Kunsthal KunstaanZ , Deventer
2018 Biest , Plan-D Producenten Galerie ,Dusseldorf.
2018 Join The Dots, Salone degli Incanti, ex Pescheria, Collection Imago Mundi Art ,Trieste (It)
2018 Tijd sta stil , B53 , Arnhem
2017 Secred postcards, We like art Westergasfabriek , Amsterdam
2017 Inner Mind, Curator Frank Demarest PAK Gistel (B)Cultuurcentrum,De Haan 
2017 Salonge, Hardargerartgallery , Utne Norway 
2017 Weib, VM23 Galerie Arnhem
2017 Nasty Woman Exhibition, New Castle Engeland.
2017 Nasty Woman Exhibition, Josilda da Conceicao Gallery , Amsterdam.
2017 Nasty Woman Exhibition, Helmuth Projects, San Diego Amerika.
2016 Wintershow, 120 I 230 I 300 I,  Alexander Avenue Apt. 3A Bronx, New York
2016 I am a bird now, With Anjes Gesink Gallery Hommes Rotterdam
2016 Imago Mundi, Artist of the world Benneton Foundation Italy
2016 Face, Plan-D Gallery , Dusseldorf
2016 Drawing rooms#2, PAK Gistel (B) e.a Marcel Van Eeden , Hans op den Beeck
2016 True Nature , Galerie Espace Enny , Laag-Keppel
2016 Kunstlerbuche, Kloster Bentlager, Rheine Duitsland
2016 Gothic, Gallery Nasty Alice , Eindhoven
2015 50 Voetbal portretten , Rijksmuseum Twente , Enschede 
2015 How = it now, Acecbuilding , Apeldoorn 
2015 Size matters, WE LIKE ART Amsterdam Tetem , Enschede
2015 Afscheid, Museum Henriette Polak, Zutphen
2015 Tekenkabinet THIS ART FAIR, Amsterdam
2015 Art and coffee, Arnhem
2015 Between Heaven and Hell, Campo Santo With Pam Emmerik and Annelies van Belle, Gent (B)
2015 Romantic Artist, Art & Style , Coat of many colors , Amsterdam
2015 Drawing Cabinet, Museum Waterland ,Purmerend
2015 3 Artist together, With Airco Caravan, Rutger van der Tas, 37PK, Haarlem
2015 Kunstrai 2015 Amsterdam, Gallery Nasty Alice , Eindhoven
2015 Art-Muc Art Fair, Gallery Storpunkt , Munchen
2015 Corps Emois {et mois} dessin, Gallery Espace Oppodium , Paris (FR)
2015 Corps Emois {et mois} dessin, 6 Mandel Gallery , Paris ( FR)
2015 Envisage the Future by Thinking Ahead, Gallery Storpunkt, Munchen 
2015 Rotterdam Contemporary, Cruise Terminal , Rotterdam
2014 Chinese wispers, Gallery Nasty Alice , Eindhoven
2014 Chinese wispers, Karin Janssen Projectspace , London
2014 She Views Herself, 6 Mandel Gallery , Paris
2014 Tekenkabinet, Museum Waterland , Purmerend
2014 Sex Gallery, Gallery Nasty Alice , Eindhoven
2014 Kunstrai 2014, Amsterdam , Gallery Nasty Alice , Eindhoven
2014 Mannen door Vrouwen ogen, Stedelijk Museum , Zwolle
2014 Art Zaanstad 2014, Artfair Heembrug , Zaandam
2014 Facetten, Stedelijk Museum , Zutphen
2014 RAW Art Fair, Rotterdam Galery Nasty Alice , Eindhoven
2013 Art War, Gallery Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
2013 Donker Bos, Gallery Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
2013 Tekenkabinet, Kunstsalon, Assen
2013 Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam
2013 Tekenkabinet, Museum Waterland, Purmerend
2013 Anonymous drawings, TAC, Eindhoven
2013 Je ziet wat je ziet zie je, AbnAmro Collectie Museum Henriette Polak, Zutphen
2013 Spotlight , Oude Apotheek, Zutphen
2013 Summer exhibition 2013, Earth, Gem, Den Hague
2013 Raw Skin, Karin Janssen Project Space, London
2013 Last Supper Gallery, Gallery Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
2013 Anonymous Zeicher, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin
2013 Roleplay, RE Artfairs, Rotterdam
2012 Shine Gloss Glow, Gallery Nasty Alice Eindhoven
2012 Portraits Galler, BMB Gallery Amsterdam
2012 Doing your dirty work, Center for Sex & Culture San Francisco US.
2012 Summertime, Museum Le Secet Vlissingen
2012 Sommerexibition 2012, Love Gemeentemuseum Den Hague 
2012 Gelderse summer, Gallery Espace Enny Laag Keppel
2012 Gelderse Artist, Museum Henriette Polak Zutphen
2012 New Collection, Provincie House Arnhem
2012 Preludium 4, Drawing Center Diepenheim 
2012 The Door prize for painting 2012, Centrespace Gallery Bristol England
2011 Wpo, Showroom Arnhem
2011 The loving eye, Museum Henriette Polak, Zutphen
2011 Paradise, Nails- Art Gallery Bristol England
2011 Blue -Yellow-Black, Acec-Building , Apeldoorn
2011 Summer Exibition 2011, City Museum , Den Hague
2010 Another face, City Museum , Kampen
2010 Palliate, ATH Gallery , Breda 
2008 Art-Unlimited, Dunedoo Australia
2008 Rites of passages, Nave Gallery, Boston USA
2007 Light post, Gallery Voorhaven One, Rotterdam
2007 Art bbq, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam
2005 New, Art Center , Nijmegen
2004 8 x 5, SKCG , Arnhem
2001 It is seen, Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem
2000 Across Zutphen, Museum of Modern Art , Zutphen
1999 Photo Event, Niggendijker , Groningen
1998 Woman painters from museum, Woman artist in museum collections , Big Church Den Hague 
1997 Alfred Blomme Prize 1997, Museum A.Blomme , Roeselaire (B)
1997 Gallery Billing Bild, Baar ( Switserland) 
1997 Mobile Art Factory, Upsalla (Sweden)
1997 Arte Contemporanea, Nell’Antica Bonefro Convento (It)
1996 Legend, Gallery Jansen - Kooy, Amsterdam
1991 What you see is who you are, Museum of Modern Art, Zutphen

2012 The Door prize for painting 2012, Nomination Bristol England
2011 Summer exhibition 2011, Nomination Museum Den Hague 
2010 Piet Brandsma (Brand-Oil), Nomination Kunstprijs Zutphen
2008 Art Unlimited Competitions Nomination, Dunedoe Australia
2007 Alfred Blomme Prize for painting Nomination,Roeselaire Belgie
2015 Envisage the Future by Thinking Ahead Nomination, Galerie Storpunkt Munchen Duitsland

2010 Aaf Affortable Art-Fair Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
2014 Raw Art Fairs Rotterdam, Gallery Nasty Alice.
2014 KunstRai Art Fairs Amsterdam, Gallery Nasty Alice.
2014 Art in Red-light, Amsterdam, The other sit off light Beurs van Berlage 
2015 This art fair, Amsterdam, With Tekenkabinet Amsterdam
2015 Rotterdam Contemporary, Gallery Nasty Alice Eindhoven
2015 Kunst Rai 2015 Amsterdam, Gallery Nasty Alice Eindhoven
2017 Rotterdam Contemporary, NL - US Gallery Rotterdam

Blogs Digital Magazines Films
2018 Make8elieve presents its art + cultural online Issue # 14: THE END
2017 Magazine Average Art, England
2017 Make8elieve presents its art + cultural online Issue #12: FAT 

2016 Artist of the world, Door Andre Smit. Never Ending Art Trip http://artistintheworld.com
2014 Art in Redlight, Lost-painters Amsterdam
2014 Make8elieve presents its art + cultural online Issue Vagina Dentata, Petit O






Teaching, Coaching
Today Workshops , artist talks , art party’s in own studio..
1990 -1999 Docent, o.a. tekenen en schilderen, Markant - Centrum voor Kunsteducatie, Apeldoorn
2009 - 2011 Begeleider/docent, Kunst in de wijk Waterkwartier Zutphen.
2009 - 2010 Docent schilderen met mensen met een beperking, Warempel (Zozijn) Zutphen.
2009 - 2010 Projectadviseur Zozijn Zutphen.
2013 - Kunst in bedrijf Een project met havo-brugklas Staring College en Sti.Namo in Lochem
2013 - 2014 Personal (Art ) coach voor personen met niet aangeboren hersenletsel SIZA Zorg Zutphen.
2014 - Heden- DOE - Cursus in samenwerking met Vrienden Van de Musea Zutphen 
2015 - Heden Docent Tekenen schilderen Cultuurkust, Harderwijk
2018 - Bovenkamer, Art workshops , Zutphen

1989 Startstipendium, Ministerie van WVC
1990 Ontwikkelingssubsidie, Provincie Gelderland
1994 Projectsubsidie, Provincie Gelderland
1995 Basisstipendium, Ministerie OC & W
1996 Projectsubsidie, Provincie Gelderland
1999 Basisstipendium, Ministerie OC & W
2004 Projectsubsidie, Provincie Gelderland
2013 Gemeentelijke Cultuursubsidie, Spotlight Zutphen

Publicaties en geschreven over Edith Meijering

2019 Tiana Wilhelm, Uitblinkers Musea Zutphen 
2018 De aard van het beestje , Zinder Tiel . 
Rob Smolders Directeur Museum De Wieger, redacteur Metropolis M, Artistic dir. Tricot Winterswijk.
2016 Vervaarlijke schilderingen, Alex de Vries voor Kunstmagazine Mr.Motley
2016 True Nature, Galerie Espace-Enny Palet Kunstmagazine.
2016 De schedel van Erasmus, Real Mag , Rotterdam
2016 Gesicht, Catalogus Plan -D Gallery Düsseldorf Art-Nuyens , Arnhem
2016 Ware aard, Catalogus door Adriaan de Regt 

Artist Residency

2019 July    Self fundend Artist Residency Viervaart Groede Zeeuws Vlaanderen.

2017 May   KH MESSEN Ålvik Hardangerfjord Norway

2018 June   The movie “SHE “ Director and producer Jeff V D  Edith Meijering    filmed  in de A.I.R Norway     


2020 May June      Gill Railaig Residency West Ierland 

You tube : https://www.youtube.com/user/TheEdithMeijering

Noorwegen Artist Residence : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pdPi82stSg

Ubermalungen ( PAK) Platvorm voor Actuele Kunst Gistel Belgie; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyJOHlXXSF4&t=55s

Tears , Atelier film : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8otr1mKAO0&t=62s

Expositie Parijs : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqoO7Lph83M&t=22s

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