Gijs Vanhee

Gijs Vanhee

Gijs Vanhee (1982), Mechelen, Belgium

Gijs graduated in 2006 as a product developer, but it soon became clear that the roads were going in different directions for him. His first passion, drawing and creating, has been the signpost for years and therefore quickly takes the upper hand in designing.

Narrative drawings in which birds play a leading role, surfing and the search for freedom form the common thread throughout his work. Sometimes with ink on paper, other times with paint on walls. Often the work is autobiographical or tells an anecdote about the place. His drawings have a very recognizable style, often in black and white or with limited use of color. With murals, the elements or textures present usually play an important role in the work.

2000 - 2006: Master in Product Design, Hogeschool Antwerpen

2013 - 2015: Elected Artist for representing the city Mechelen, Belgium 

2013 - 2015: Curator of Mechelen Muurt Festival

Solo shows

2019       Fin de série, Haven Surfshop Antwerpen

2016       De merel die dwars fluit, Kapow Gent

2010       Ventolin, Stripkever Mechelen

Group shows

2019       Aligné, Surfrider Foundation Europe Biarritz

2015      Mechelen Muurt, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen

2013      Loodlicht en Kerkruis, O-l-v aan de Dijlekerk Mechelen

2012      Fiend expo, Designcenter de Winkelhaak Antwerpen

Some Important Murals

2020  Up For Love, Mechelen

          Fishing for the Heart, The Bridges Festival, Brugge 

2019   Woman and Man, Manufactory Festival, Comacchio, Italy,

           The magic hour, Yellow Brick Road Festival, Boom

2017   Freebirds Orchestra, TransitM, Mechelen

           The weight of the heart, Sorry Not Sorry, Gent

2018   Un jour à la plage, Asso Tout va bien, Vieux Boucau, France

2016   El Pastor da estrella, Wool Festival, Covilha, Portugal

           Play the rabbit, free the bird, Wild Brabant, Halle

           De merel die dwars fluit, Kapow, Gent

           Free Jazz, Ghandi, Stad Mechelen

2015   The Gift, Mechelen Muurt, Stad Mechelen

2012   Skull head, Produkt Festival, Antwerpen 

Comissioned work for: Ancienne Belgique, Duvel Blues festival, Ice Mountain, Board n Breakfast, Bittersweet Chocolate, Chocolatoa, Fiebre Vzw, Stad Mechelen, Stad Gent, Mobile School, Haven Surf...

2800 Mechelen