Liesbeth Willaert

Liesbeth Willaert

Liesbeth Willaert is a Belgian contemporary artist, known for her very colorful, bold and fluorescent, “sunkissed” paintings in acrylic.

Her works reveal, inspire and connect this “Joy of Life” with every audience. Her unique style is due to the specific tension, or – a dance as she calls it – between  between organic and geometric shapes.

Liesbeth is an internationally selling artist and has exposed  in New York, Paris, London, Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid and Belgium.

Born in Leuven (Belgium), 1981. Living & working in Belgium & Barcelona.

'Joy of Life' on canvas

Her work is “geometric abstract” with a deliberately bright and partly fluorescent color palette and her typical contrasts. Her authentic painting style is due to this 'game' of overlapping different layers of organic, intuitive shapes  against other layers with geometric elements and surfaces. In this process she repeats over an over. It is, as it were, a dance between these 2 worlds on canvas: the defined geometric and the intuitive, chaotic. The power of the contrast between this two worlds leads to an energetic, dynamic artwork, mingled with a certain level of playfulness, surprising details and - because of the bold and bright color palette - a  cheerful appearance. You could say an authentic “joie de vivre” on canvas.

'My works are true selfies'

Her works arises from a physical need of an "excess of energy" or “inner restlessness” as the artist herself describes, which is projected onto canvas in the form of organic shapes, big deliberate brushstroke marks, traces of pallet knives, bright colors and a multiplicity of techniques that create a chaotic, wild, but coherent colorful first underlay. Starting from this base, several different layers (up till 4 or 5)  are created one on top of the other, playing with overlap & opacity searching for interesting and surprsing “dances” between the organic, intuitive shapes & the hard edged, geometric elements.

Each layer corresponds to a different state of mind. That’s why Liesbeth is always working on 2 till 3 paintings at the same time, because each layer requires a different “mood”. Adding geometry to a chaotic surface creates harmony, but requires concentration,  inner peace and patience. If Liesbeth is in a totally different mindset, the painting is finished at a different time or the painting gets a twist in the opposite direction, which is then brought into balance once again in the following layers. We could say, her works are real “selfies”.


How the artist feels in a specific place at a specific time determines the painting. When one of  the two elements would be changed, the artwork would be completely different. A remarkable evolution can be seen in the addition of fluorescent colors, once Liesbeth started to create mainly from sunny Southern Europe, Barcelona. As the artists says: 'The intensity of light, the hours of sun, the color of the surrounding nature and the general way of living at the Mediterranean redefined my choice of what are to me “natural colors” and how to define a thing called “life”.'


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