Sam Geuens

Sam Geuens


  1. Bio-ir. milieutechnologie (1994-1999)
  2. Fotografie (1999-2002)
  3. Multimedia design & development (2003-2004)

“After my engineering studies and first professional experiences my interest in
graphical software and multimedia grew so strongly that I decided to make a career switch. Ever since I have been making designs and managing the content of many sites and a DVD online shop. I enjoy combining images and texts into creative and modern graphical designs for print or web.”
“Being a photographer and musician myself, I learned how to make and edit photos, record and edit audio or video files.”
“More recently I have started making many photobooks and collages and I have also organised several art exhibitions.”


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“I was always combining photos in Photoshop to have more images in 1 image or to have extra layers to experiment with. By visiting many art exhibitions all over Europe I started discovering abstract, minimal, surrealistic and mixed media art. One day I just started cutting out shapes in paper to design away from the computer, with my bare hands.
This felt so good that I’ve now been doing this for many years. Making paper collages is my way to disconnectand let my imagination go wild.”

1050 Elsene