Open Call


Post-It's are without any doubt the most universal carier of spontanious thoughts, work lists, cute messages, grocery notes and amazing insights. They are everywhere, and yet so volatile. They are the mayfly of the written stories.
But also ... the perfect canvas for small collages ! 

3 years after the World Collage Atlas project, COUPEE launches a brand new project for world collage day. A huge exposition of hundreds of small collages, made by artists all over the world. But to achieve this we need you to spread the word, and to make lots of tiny post it collages 

1. Find some POST-IT's
2. Create as many post-it collages as you like, without any limits except of the size of the post-it. Sign them at the back.
3. Send your Post-It collages to "COUPEE, Slaveweg 2, 9620 Zottegem, Belgium" before May 8th 2022.
4. Post a picture of your collage(s) on social media, using hashtags "#worldcollageday2022" , "#coupeecollage" 

1. On May 14th, all of the collages will be presentated in a great public place in Ghent, the new tourist hot spot of Belgium.
2. A selection of the collages will be printed as Post-It blocs
3. The collection will be available for other expositions worldwide ! 

MEER OVER DEZE OPEN CALL: lees het interview met organisator Bram Antheunis.

8 mei 2022