One against many. One against all. Angry with the system, this single guy embodies the opposition against a non-moving, silent, faceless system. Who is the system anyway? Are they robots or are the human? The aggressor in the front is definitely human, showing emotion by the movement of his body, and wants to provoke some emotional reaction by throwing a molotov cocktail.

60 x 30 cm
Axel van Ickx

Axel van Ickx


Kristel Naessens
Brecht Carton
Marlieve Rommel
Carlos Vande Neste
paulette ceulemans
Katherina Ritzoglou
Hans Vandeneijnde
Koen Vlerick
Raymond Martens
Dirk De Worm
Fred Delameilleure
Joris Rappé
Jac Deuss