Baptisma Is a contemporary collage artwork that is a symbiose between techniques that the artist uses in his works and a video in which the artist sees people bathing in a river.

'Baptisma' is Latin for 'immersion'
By seeing the video of the artist saw an immediate flirt towards techniques he uses on a daily basis in his works, the immersion of a material in a liquid. Therefore Baptisma only consists of recycled materials that have been submerged in water and where a variety of immersive techniques  has been performed.

The artwork has one common wooden carrier that owes its curved form thanks to the warping of wood under the influence of moisture.
The recycled paper is handmade and consists of images of people bathing under a waterfall. Just as the people bathe , the artist bathes the pulp of the images to obtain the paper.
On this paper we see a gold leaf coating that is applied onto the paper using a dip dye technique where the surface of the water serves as a carrier for the paint.
The crystal mass that is present on the textile was grown in a bath in which the carrier had to be submerged into this liquid.
The textile itself presents the position of the artist in the artworld. A split posture between two very different mediums but also as the connection.

Baptisma flirts with the question how far we can go in abstracting an image or matter and scans the boundaries of the (art)world.
The art piece starts its composition entirely according to the rules of a collage artwork but is it still one in the end? Because of the complexity of the materials a 3D structure is brought into life through a natural process. Is the artwork an assemblage now?
Did the study towards the materials and its value become overanalyzed? Does it need to become more simple? 

The artwork is a reflection of how the artist is confronted with daily discrimination of not fitting inside the box. He wants to connect a bridge there where giant fissures rule and to break open the narrow view of box thinking. Maybe in a new way we haven’t figured out yet and maybe we find it in a different perspective and dimension.

30cm x 81cm
Basten Basstanie

Basten Basstanie


Koen Vlerick
Sophie Doutreligne
marjan brabants
Els Wydaeghe
Jolien De Nijs
Rosita Allinckx
sabine oosterlynck
jean-marie vandaele
Koen Deschuyter
Linda Thuys
Eve Renders