l'attente/la tente

l'attente/la tente

This work is about waiting for your lover after discovering the strong femininity in yourself, any gender. How it can make you feel loved, wanted, beautiful. 

- this image was born after hearing the phrase "got a memory of you waiting in my bed wearing only my earrings"

- later: inspired by personal history, and the painting "the girl with a pearl earring" by Vermeersch 

Damien Gallet

Damien Gallet


Yelle De Knock
norbert bauwens
Sarah Tresignie
Laurens Van Opdenbosch
Cecilia Arons
Guy Blockx
Lut De Baere
Hanna Pinchukova
Bruno De Pauw
Karin Keutgens
Jolien De Nijs
Jos Halpern
Christina Art
Koen Vlerick
Bie Gijsen
Piet Vermeulen