St. Anthony's Fire

St. Anthony's Fire

The St. Anthony's Fire sculptures comprise a large amount of objects gathered around a campfire on an old matress.

Referring to the life of the Catholic Saint Anthony the Hermit as well as the medieval pauper's disease named after him. St. Anthony's Fire explores concepts such as temptation and boredom, seclusion and ascesis in a contemporary context. 

20 x 15 x 8 cm
Diego Latruwe

Diego Latruwe


Corentin Rieke
walter dermul


Kasper Derycke
Werner Minnebo
bob roes
Nancy Demeester
Betty Rabijns
Patrick Lepoutre
Vanessa Lagaert
Jef van Ruyssevelt
Cecilia Arons
Elena Gontcharova
Merel Van Baelen
Jennifer Taricani
andreas valkenborgh