During the spring of 2018, I started wandering through forests and wondered what attracted me to the silence and feeling of the woods. It feels alive with spirit and secret, shifting all the time yet retaining a sense of calm and security. It is an ethereal space where time and history stands still while at the same time captures it.

To translate these senses, I decided to visualise them through the eight “hamadryads”. These were the archetypal wood nymphs of Greek myth, spirits inhabiting the forest and their specific trees. 

8x 100x180cm
Dilum Coppens

Dilum Coppens


paulette ceulemans
Nick Van Dijck
Pia Cabuy
Carlos Vande Neste
Corentin Rieke
Tine Brouw
Wouter Vandewal
Jef van Ruyssevelt
irma smeets
Evelien Van Elsen
Femke Vindevogel
Timo Naessens
Els Wydaeghe
Frank Kuylen