Prossimo (eng. translation: Forthcoming) is a multimedia project that I started during the first Lockdown, in Limburg (Belgium).

It consists of a 3-channel video installation, a single-channel video and a photographic series.

The texts that accompanied me during the creation of this project are Hyperobjects by Timothy Morton and Donna Haraway’s Staying With the Trouble.
The word “Prossimo” has a meaning linked to spatiality and one linked to a temporal aspect.

The Hyperobjects for Morton are: “Objects that are so massively distributed in time and space that they transcend space-time specificity, such as global warming, polystyrene and radioactive plutonium. Objects that have vitality but you cannot touch them, such as race, class or climate change. Their effects can be experienced even though they cannot necessarily be touched. “

Prossimo is something close, but we don’t know how much. Something that we perceive but cannot grasp.
Prossimo is something that is not present, that will arrive soon even if it is not a future.
Prossimo is revealed in its possibility of being a near past and at the same time a near future.
Prossimo is a series in which I sought a fluidity, a fusion, a temporal and spatial chaos.
Prossimo is a project that investigates the presence of a gaze on us, human beings, in coexistence with our gaze.

Charcoal pigment fine art Giclée on Hahnemühle paper, 52x80 cm.
Emanuele Dainotti

Emanuele Dainotti


Maud Dhont
Rudi Snauwaert
Greet Verstraete
Filip Callewaert
Dilum Coppens
Maarten De Naeyer
Jean Waltraevens


Leni Steckelbruck


Marleen Leën
Stefan Tackx
Tamara De Prest
Tine Robbe
Jeanne Boden
Dominique Cambon
Ludo de Kort