MATter & unsTABLE

MATter & unsTABLE

Smyrna base, yarn & rope
Duo work with unsTable

A work about community, supporting systems and learning to accept help. The pattern represents the cutting lines from the wooden plank used to make 'unsTABLE'. Through 'smyrnaparties' people were invited to help work on this project, unable to avoid the social aspect this created. In total 15 people helped working on this, from friends to family to people from work that I didn't even know before. Stories were shared and support was given while working on this tapestry.

Pdf-wood & oil paints
Duo work with MATter

A work about feeling unstable and the consequences a bad mental health can have on your physical health and its fragility. It represents a human figure, cowered on its knees and elbows. The wood pattern was painted with oil paints to mimic a real wood structure.

240 cm x 130,5 cm (wandtapijt) & 187 cm x 53,5 cm x 144 cm (sculptuur)
Helena Severens

Helena Severens