Video  Finally free - Escape from civilization - freed from all constraints. The mountain world, which is so hostile to life in the first place, immediately conveys a feeling of security and immediately becomes a place of longing for the beholder. The floating ceiling gives the place something mystical, there the little church, spirituality awakens - the so unapproachable place becomes the source of deeper knowledge for those who reach it. Shoes that no one owns, footprints in the snow - departure to another life.    
Author: Irena Paskali   Assistant Vesna Dunimagloska    Camera & Editing Irena Paskali
Scooting place : Pelister 2202m, Macedonia   https://youtu.be/5znN6Bxe5Pg

Irena Paskali

Irena Paskali


Ken Boumans
Leni Steckelbruck
Fabienne Verhulsel
Paul Kenens
marthe verhoest
Joachim Michem
Guy Blockx
Mieke Evenepoel
Sam Timmerman
Nicole Gios
Koen Vlerick
norbert bauwens
Christiaan Dezeure
Rina Sourbron