Video  Finally free - Escape from civilization - freed from all constraints. The mountain world, which is so hostile to life in the first place, immediately conveys a feeling of security and immediately becomes a place of longing for the beholder. The floating ceiling gives the place something mystical, there the little church, spirituality awakens - the so unapproachable place becomes the source of deeper knowledge for those who reach it. Shoes that no one owns, footprints in the snow - departure to another life.    
Author: Irena Paskali   Assistant Vesna Dunimagloska    Camera & Editing Irena Paskali
Scooting place : Pelister 2202m, Macedonia   https://youtu.be/5znN6Bxe5Pg

Irena Paskali

Irena Paskali


Krista Irma Haesevoets
Lin Vermeulen
Maaike Holvoet
Kristien D'Hondt
Tilly Vandommele
Atzori Robberto & Milena
Rob Hintjens
Morgana Colassin
Rita Yperman
Charlotte Decoster
Ellen Vandeputte
Kristin Windels
Wim Van der Velden