A table for two.  Inspired by my all time favorite artist Egon Schiele. 'Beziehung' is a mix of an erotic and romantic table. It's exciting to sit on and she makes you blush.
At this table 2 people can take place to share thoughts or kisses. You can have a romantic one plate-dinner, have cocktails or play cards. When you sit down, you will feel the steel bending and bringing you closer to the person in front of you. Legs will touch and cross and so will your energies.

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Hartwerp - Lien Van Deuren

Hartwerp - Lien Van Deuren


Christiaan Dezeure
Steven Boers
philippe van goethem
Joeri Cochuyt
Greet Verstraete
Luc Van Wanzeele
Lea Eulaers
Kristien D'Hondt
luc verschuere
Florien Allemeersch
mil Van Lier
Sofie Martens
Ludo Knaepkens
Marc Galle
Gabriele Dahlhoff