Golden Glory 2011

Golden Glory 2011

In the spring, the first suns that shine at you when you look around are dandelions. You can be in a really bad mood and suddenly.. bling, bling, bling.. there they are.. bright bright yellow, radiating out and for free.. Moments of Happiness! 

250 x 200cm
Sabina  Wörner

Sabina Wörner


Karen Willems
Hans Vandeweghe
Hilde Van Impe
Paul Hofman
Jan Willem Versteeg
Helma Hulscher
Hilde Schelstraete
Babette Degraeve
Kathleen Steegmans
Maarten Dedroog
Filip Callewaert
Mieke Van Den Ouweland
Wim Van Borm
Steven Dalving