Howling Wolves

Howling Wolves

Howling Wolves is a cluster sculpture which represents a pack of wolves (5).Howling Wolves is a modern sculpture which shows 5 individual wolves. Each wolf is different from the others and can be positioned in the pack as you like.(they are not sold separately)The sculpture is made of a metal frame covered in fiberglass and polyester.The polyester resin has a high glossy finish. 
Dimensions per wolf: 6 cm wide x 15 cm deep and 27 high.
Cluster of 5 wolves.

6-15-27 cm (per Wolf)
Wim Van Borm

Wim Van Borm


Elise Debrock
Hilde Orye
Tamara Slock
Freddy Bogaert
Els Moerenhout
Lieve Engelen
Vanessa Lagaert
Etienne Rombauts
Iban Van der Zeyp
Kitty Van Steenlandt
Carlos Vande Neste
Karin Vandenbroeck