This work was inspired by the philosophy of Plato. In his work, he speaks of 2 different worlds: the sensory world and the idea world. We live in a busy and demanding society, a society where haste is always present. But rarely we have a moment to stand still and realize: Where am I? What do I want? Who am I? What do I feel? We sometimes get the feeling of being stuck in a world where we are constantly pushed to keep going.

The music was specially composed for the installation, through which not only the eyes are stimulated, but also the hearing. A sense of meditation and contemplation originates, but also puts the individual in a light trance.

Manifesta 12 | Transcendence took part of Manifesta 12 in Palermo (Sicily). The exposition was running from September 1st until november 4th 2018.

Image and concept: Nina Doevendans  |  Soundscape: Pieter-Jan Buelens  |  Technical elaboration: Christophe Leunis

3 projecties op schermen met geluidsinstallatie, video in HD 1920x1080.
Sebastian Josep Ferran
Timmy Decoene
Dirk Dutoit
Sofie Martens
Sofie Martens
Linda Grauls
andreas valkenborgh
Eline 't Sant
Christine Marchand
Eefje Van den Brande
annie guns
annie guns
annie guns
Patrick De Ceuster
Eline 't Sant
Vicky Morissens