Bed zine issue 3 call for submissions

Bed zine reflects the complex way disabled people relate to our beds, through a combination of art & writing. Submissions are open until July 22, 2022.

Anyone who self identifies as disabled is welcome to send in submissions. We accept submissions from anywhere in the world, but text in languages other than English must come with an English translation.

Submissions can take the form of images, writing or a combo of both. For example, you can submit just a photograph or just a poem, or a photo with a poem. Your images can be anything- illustrations, comics, collages, etc. you can submit up to 6 images for consideration but a max of 4 will be chosen.

Writing can take any form: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, etc, can be 1000 words max. Please send all submissions, along with their titles and your name, as a PDF to

If your submission is accepted you will receive a free physical and digital copy of the zine along with a small honorarium.
If you have any questions feel free to email

Looking forward to all your submissions!

22 juli 2022