Residency opportunity: Ecole Mondiale

Towards an inclusive printing practice!

Kunstenaarscollectief Ecole Mondiale biedt 8 kunstenaars/studenten/collectieven de mogelijkheid om deel te nemen aan een weekprogramma in het Frans Masereel Centrum en om individueel of collectief te werken aan een print gerelateerd project.

Ecole Mondiale zal een onderzoeksproject ontwikkelen naar een meer divers en uitgebreid verhaal over printpraktijken, door onderzoek te doen naar de geschiedenis van het drukken & emancipatie en de erfenissen van verzet en strijd. Deadline voor aanmelding is 25 oktober 2020. De residentie loopt van vrijdag 13 tot en met vrijdag 20 november 2020.

Artist collective Ecole Mondiale offers 8 opportunities for artists/students/collectives to participate in a residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum and to work individually or collectively on a print related project.

The Frans Masereel Centrum is a center for contemporary art, combining an artist oriented exhibition and production schedule with an international residency program for artists and curators, often with a specific focus on printed matter-at large. 

Ecole Mondiale will investigate and develop a project towards a more diverse and expanded narrative on printing practices, by researching the history of printing & emancipation and legacies of resistance and struggle. I.e Black Panthers’ legacy/ Black Arts Movement, Esthetics of Pan-Africanism, Harlem Renaissance, Popular printing, and visual legacies in postcolonial Africa, Latin America's Taller Popular de Serigrafía, eo, ...

Ecole Mondiale is an autonomous, collective and artistic pedagogical project and encourages master students and art graduates with a specific interest in the global south, emancipation struggle - resistance, and art in a nonwestern context to apply.

We offer accommodation, transport, technical, curatorial, and logistic support, and individual/collective expertise and follow up. Invited guest lectures & group dinners.

WHEN: Friday November 13, - Friday November 20, 2020 WHERE: Frans Masereel Centrum (Kasterlee Belgium) Belgium) 

send your details, contacts, and short motivation (I.e social media links, brief description, images, or references) But above all, if you need more info don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Ecole Mondiale's (EM) activities get rolled up with collectives of artists/participants, subjects, and objects active on the periphery, such as an art collective working in of Port-au-Prince, a museum’s public program/education department, a seaweed community, indigenous land, and its people, a dead primate, the characteristics of a secondary river valley, or the invisible collective ruins and premises on a never-realized school (aka Ecole Mondiale 1905). Our collaborations are not a commodity to be used as a fungible good (exchange value), yet in EM’s case, shared labor is embedded in its history and thus serves as an inseparable link to the original Ecole Mondiale and its origins during Belgium's colonial era. Ecole Mondiale and the direct relation with its controversial history is still an unresolved issue, which we (those who should be confronted with it) generally try to escape, rather than confronting within the false safety of European reality. EM attempts to formulate an answer on our modernist divisions of nature & culture and to revivify lost and forgotten histories that open up a space for oppressed narratives. It is in this context EM wants to develop a residency together with several participants at Frans Masereel Centrum to reflect on the future of more inclusive art education.

ECOLE MONDIALE has been creating experimental pedagogical practices and printed matter in collaboration with collective Atiz Resistance – Port au Prince Haïti, rural schools in Equatorial Guinea, and several artists from Lubumbashi, eo... under the name of EM PRESS

25 oktober 2020