esperando las olas

Let’s be honest, Cuba is not Indonesia or Hawaii when it comes to surfing (just like Belgium), but with over 5600 km of largely undeveloped coastline and 365 days of sun, it’s time to make it the Cuban surfers a bit more comfortable.
With this ‘mecedora para salvavidas’ (rescuer’s rocking chair), any frustrated surfer can take place to have a wide open look at the ocean, dreaming of the best ride of their lives. 

3m hoog
Mieke Sterken
Dominique Ebbeng
Els van Lieshout
Jean-Paul Govaerts
Maria Van den Branden
Maria Van den Branden
Liesbeth Vandenschrieck
Chantal Durham-Bogers
Hanne Haverals
Bjornoart .
Evelien Sergeant
Els Wydaeghe
Hilde Vanhees
Hilde Vanhees
Hilde Vanhees
Hilde Vanhees
Sarah De Schepper
Henk De Beenhouwer
Anneleen Hendrickx
Tine Robbe
Hartwerp - Lien Van Deuren