Ezhi (Mother)

Ezhi (Mother)

Materials: acrylic yarn, natural stone, malachite beads, bamboo wood, dried plants, cedar oils.

Textile celebration of mother_ing and mother_hood - in its beauty, strength and hardship.
Mothering bodies bear so much: all the unpaid labor, all the physical and mental damage received, all the knowledge, expertise and wisdom that society doesn't want to hear; all the beauty, pain, love and anger.
One body, embellished with stretch marks, touched by back pain and varicosity, carrying smells that often make us feel like home.

90 x 105
Mirra  Markhaeva

Mirra Markhaeva


Natali Antonovich
sabine naudts
Sofie Bauwens ☆☽ zeeka
sophie van den berghe
Caroline Knockaert
Myriam Michiels
Jurgen Declerck
Myrjam De Keyser
Pia Cabuy
Arwen De Visscher
Raf Dotremont
Sofie Bauwens ☆☽ zeeka
An Boonen
Sofie Bauwens ☆☽ zeeka