Ezhi (Mother)

Ezhi (Mother)

Materials: acrylic yarn, natural stone, malachite beads, bamboo wood, dried plants, cedar oils.

Textile celebration of mother_ing and mother_hood - in its beauty, strength and hardship.
Mothering bodies bear so much: all the unpaid labor, all the physical and mental damage received, all the knowledge, expertise and wisdom that society doesn't want to hear; all the beauty, pain, love and anger.
One body, embellished with stretch marks, touched by back pain and varicosity, carrying smells that often make us feel like home.

90 x 105
Mirra  Markhaeva

Mirra Markhaeva


Natali Antonovich
Jill Mens
Koen Van Nieuwenhuyze
Paul Van Krunkelsven
Arwen De Visscher
Inge van der Ven
Rudi Snauwaert
Ynne De Wever
Renee Lodewijckx
Eline 't Sant
Tine Vercruysse
Jurgen Declerck