Basten Basstanie

Basten Basstanie

Hello there, 

I'm Basten, thirty-something and walking this earth in a shoe size forty-three. Those are some pure facts about me.

After receiving my master in visual arts at the fashion academy KASK, Ghent I found myself split in two. I was capable enough to receive the title of master in the visual arts and to start a career in it, yet according to the ‘laws of art’ Fashion Design is not an artform and there are no supporting art-platforms for it.

I had to freelance in an industry that, after five years, made me realise ‘I don’t want this!’.
A point of no return has been reached, when I decided not to be a part of a human degrading and environmental unfriendly industry.

While looking for more artistic and social working people outside the fashion industry, I came across a lot of meetings and collaborations that were massively fruitful! It made me realise how strong new insights and collaboration can turn out to be and If something isn’t fully invented or accepted yet, it doesn't mean it can’t.

These days I work around what I deem important and to emancipate the artistic aspect fashion design possesses. Maybe fashion is just a dirty word and this art form is still to be named correctly.

My work could be described as RAW, primal, uncensored but well studied.
Themes I deem important are emancipation, our environment and our mental wellbeing.