High sensitivity

High sensitivity

Can't stay

Have to leave

have to spread my wings

Search myself ...

Every inch of me ...

Every part ...

Who am I?

Want to learn to known myself

The real me ...

Love the sun, the moon, the stars

Love the sky, the clouds, the rain

Love the water, the waves, the reflections

The taste of salty seawater

The smell of salty sand

The feeling of sand between my toes

Love the woods, the trees, the cliffs

Love the leaves dancing in the wind

Love the singing of birds

The smell of pine cones

The beauty of flowers

Love the mountains, the rocks, the snow

The cracking of snow under my feet

Just flying away

Carried on by the wind

Exploring the world

The world is so much bigger now.

Tine Depoorter

Tine Depoorter


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